Oceanfront Massage






For your convenience, in the case of inclement weather, your beach massage will transition to our indoor studio.


Oceanfront Massage Kauai


Why visitors love the experience of a beachside massage on Kauai ~

Do you work hard all year, focusing on the needs of others before your own? Are you planning an overdue vacation to recharge, rejuvenate, and re-energize your life? Beachside massage on Kauai is a brilliant way to reset and find balance to achieve your goals. We all need to drop deeply into the island lifestyle, and have discovered beachside massage on Kauai is a wonderful way to do it!

We offer a fantastic location in Kapaa, not far from any island accommodation. The cedar beachside cabana is a clean professional space with protection from the elements; a stone’s throw from the ocean. Receive high quality bodywork from the best therapists available on Kauai, while listening to the waves crash and feeling the trade winds blow across your body.

Elevate Wellness is a leader in the Kauai wellness movement. We connect great people with top island wellness professionals. Surrounding ourselves with passionate therapists and holding a strong belief in continuing education and training is what has allowed us to receive countless accolades over the years.

Finding a solid beachside massage on Kauai comes with its own set of challenges. All beaches are public, and no protective structures are allowed on the sand. As you can imagine, the real-estate surrounding the beach is in high demand as well. All beachfront property is owned by hotels or are multi-million dollar private estates. We have partnered with the most historic east-side boutique hotel to provide massage in a beautiful cabana located closest to the ocean anywhere on the island! There is no question why this location has become the most desired on Kauai.


Pricing Details

Oceanfront Single

Oceanfront Single 60 min $134 – Pay $50 Deposit today. $84 due at time of service, directly to your therapist.

Oceanfront Single 90 min $169 – Pay $50 Deposit today. $119 due at time of service, directly to your therapist.

Oceanfront Couples – simultaneous

Oceanfront Couples 60 min $258 – Pay $90 Deposit today. $84 per person due directly to each therapist at time of service.

Oceanfront Couples 90 min $328  – Pay $90 Deposit today. $119 per person due directly to each therapist at time of service.


Mobile Massage

To make arrangements call 808-755-8030

Your therapist/s arrive professionally to your accommodations for your appointment. No additional travel fee.

Mobile Single 60 min $134

Mobile Single 90 min $169

Mobile Couples 60 min $268

Mobile Couples 90 min $338