Our Mission

To provide a flexible, innovative wellness service that matches the needs of the Kauai resident and traveler, while connecting people to the island’s top wellness professionals.

Wellness is considered a multi-dimensional and holistic endeavor; encompassing factors such as lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being and the environment. Wellness is a conscious, self-directed, evolving process of achieving full potential. Wellness is positive and affirming.
–Alorski M, PHD, PCC

At Elevate Wellness, our mission is a mindful, thoughtful process of making choices to connect our clients with the right therapist. Our commitment is to educate and support those who are looking to commune with their body, mind, spirit. Key components and characteristics of wellness include a goal of helping individuals and community in achieving the highest levels of health possible. These components include focusing on optimal wellness, attention and integration of many dimensions of well- being, creation and maintenance of healthy environments, recognizing the holistic nature of health and wellness, and not focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of illness only.

We personalize our mission as the body-mind or whole person approach to human behavior. Mind, body, spirit and the environment are all considered in the equation when looking at the variety of ways to improve the quality of life. While stemming from Dr. Maslow’s values and terms; Dr. Maslow offers profound reminders of how to gently look at components of our lives that both enhance and hold us back from growth.

Self-Actualization = high-level wellness
Esteem Needs = adequate self-esteem
Belonging Needs = inclusion/community/peer health/spiritual
Safety Needs = community/family/self-sufficiency and finally
Psychological Needs = nutrition/movement/breathing

At Elevate Wellness, we understand that the process of wellness does not come without a whole set of challenges. Looking deeply into changing our lifestyle, includes looking into what holds us back, our fears, unmet needs, deficiency, our inner critic, our negative patterns and why we tell ourselves we are not and will never be “good-enough.”

Our mission ensures that you receive the best Kauai Massage and Acupuncture that the island has to offer.