Oceanfront Massage Cupping


For your convenience, in the case of inclement weather, your beach massage will transition to our indoor studio.

Massage Cupping


 Massage Cupping is a form of vacuum therapy where the practitioner utilizes small plastic cups attached to a hand held device to create a pressurized seal between the skin and the cup. The cups are “run” along the body to lift the layers of the skin off of the muscles and push blood and fluid in between these layers.

Massage Cupping is utilized for increased circulation, to break apart adhesions, promote lymphatic drainage, increase hydration and blood flow to the bodies tissues. The vacuum pressure is also great for moving deep inflammation to the surface for release, unlocking toxins and pushing them through the lymphatic system.

Massage Cupping is great when used on it’s own or in combination with massage or acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses larger cups in which they light a ball of cotton on fire to create the pressure seal between the skin and the cup. In this style, cups are usually placed still along the body to draw out excess heat or chi from areas along the spine. “Running Cups” are continuously moving cups along the entire length of the spine or the whole body, to promote the healing effects of massage as well as the vacuum pressure.

Massage Cupping is a therapeutic treatment, but also has a soothing and relaxing element to it as well. If you have questions regarding this treatment, please CONTACT US, for more detail.


Pricing Details

Oceanfront Cupping

Single  60 min $144 – Pay $50 Deposit today. $94 due at time of service, payed directly to your therapist.

Single  90 min $184 – Pay $50 Deposit today. $134 due at time of service, payed directly to your therapist.

Mobile Cupping

To Book: call 808-755-8030

Single  60 min $144

Single  90 min $184