About Us

Kerry Parsons and Craig Allmendinger are the husband and wife owners of Elevate Wellness Kauai. They both have 20 plus years of professional practice and experience individually!


Each of them has their own passionate perspective and approach to their bodywork. Their goals collectively are to provide an opportunity for visitors and residents alike to find top level healing services on the island of Kauai. The island of Kauai is known as a place of healing and peace. Many of their clients have made this island and Elevate Wellness Kauai a destination must! We welcome all individuals who are seeking to find greater balance, well-being, and holistic joy for themselves and the world at large.

Their overall goals are to create a platform for linking clients with health practitioners that can assist them in deepening their connection with their own body by increasing inner/self awareness. They recognize that the healing path is an ongoing adventure towards self discovery. We look forward to creating meaningful opportunities by connecting you with the services you are desiring!