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At Elevate Health and Wellness, we believe that total wellness is a process of becoming mindful of and making choices towards a more thriving existence. Our commitment is to educate and support those who are looking to commune with their body, mind, spirit. Creating Wellness Plans for your life can be difficult, and we are here to assist in making positive, effective choices towards wellness efficacy.

Mind, body, spirit and the environment are all considered in the equation when looking at the variety of ways to improve the quality of life. While stemming from Dr. Maslow’s values and terms; Dr. Maslow offers profound reminders of how to gently look at components of our lives that both enhance and hold us back from growth.
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This was seriously the best massage I have ever received!  I would return to Kauai JUST to have another massage by Angela!  She was prompt and professional in returning my calls, and she could meet at the time I requested.  She brought her massage table to my hotel room, and by the end of the 60-minutes, I was so relaxed I could have rolled right off the table and onto my bed for a nap. 

Perfect end to a week of hiking Kauai! Angela was pleasant and very professional. Great hands! Found kinks I didn’t even know I had… Highly suggest her to anyone, local or visitor alike.

Can’t express enough how great Angela is– her bodywork is worth every penny, and honestly she’s extremely reasonable.  She makes me want to come back to Kauai just to get another massage.

Thank you so much Angela for the most amazing massage!! I highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants a great massage! She knows her stuff. She found all the sore spots, was able to go really deep where I needed, yet sensitive and intuitive enough to know when to lighten up. She was extremely present with me the whole session and was tuned in with my needs.